Tuesday, November 4, 2008

broken arm?

Well tonight was kind of crazy, during the last couple of minutes of bible study I could hear Santi crying upstairs, it was not a hurt kind of cry, more like I want mom kind of cry so i didn't go up to get him until we were finished. When I picked him up, it seemed strange to me that he wouldn't stop crying which he usually does in cases like this one, then I had a feeling that he was hurt somehow....you now that MOM feeling that something is not right, anyway I was noticing that he wasn't moving his arm very much and that whenever i tried to move it he would cry more, sometimes I wish he could talk and tell me what he feels. I kept trying to make him happy but my concern was rapidly growing, his cry was definitely a hurt cry by now, my stress level was getting higher with each passing second, I must say I am not very calm when it comes to my kids being hurt. this must sound crazy but people kept telling me to take off his shirt but I really didn't want to see if anything was wrong with him, I was afraid to take of his shirt and see his bone popped out or something, I don't know, I don't really know how to explain it and Ialso didn't want to hurt him more by taking off his shirt.
finally after taking off his shirt we decided that something was wrong with his arm so we dropped of the other kids at my parent's house and headed for the ER, the decision to take the kids to the hospital is kind of hard because we don't have insurance and every trip to the hospital is very expensive for us, we really can't afford a false alarm but he seemed hurt.
I am incredibly amazed at how God takes care of us, I am so thankful..... on our way to the hospital Santi was still crying, not moving his limp arm, clearly in pain, saying ,awww once in a while and right on the parking lot before we got out of the van, he starts moving his arm, like nothing happened, we made him put his arm up, down, hug us tight, clap, put weight on it........and he seemed totally fine!!!!!!!! God is awesome, santi could have gotten better after we went in the hospital, got x-rays, and gotten a $1.000 dollar bill or more, but he got better right before we went in, that is just how God works!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwe, poor Sanit! I am so glad you didn't have to make the trip into the emergancy room and he is ok.