Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins at home

from left to right: Michelle's, Angie's, Erika's and Scott and Nic's

Scott working on "Nic's" pumpkin

Santi had a great time!!!!!! LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nic's school

nic's table with their pumpkin!

carving the pumkin

nic ready to go to school

Monday, October 27, 2008

Angie's birthday #7

the girls in her classroom the boys in her classroom

Wow, I mean WOW It is incredible, my baby is 7 years old, was it that long since she was born???? I can't believe it, it kind of makes me sad, makes me realize how time truly flies and is just at time like this that we notice it. I want to take some time just to write some things about Angie right now, she is a really sweet girl (when she wants to be), I am so thankful to God for her. i call her Angie boo, i don't really know why but I guess it just comes out like that, anyway she is a great student, the top of her class!!! she loves to read and write, just this past week she wrote an awesome story about a pumpkin and mice...I am so proud of her. She is a lieder school, kids tend to follow her. Some times she has trouble in School with wanting to do whatever she wants with not being very nice to some kids and with being too bossy..... I pray that God will help me mold her into being a nice girl that shows that God is in her heart, I tell her that i want other people to see that, and to see the nice girl that she really is!!!! I really pray that she changes some of this behavior.
On her birthday Angie chose dinner for us and she picked meat loaf, she said that that is her
favorite food.
we also carved pumpkins and it was the first snow fall of the year!
On this day, angie brought cupcakes to share with her class and nic, santi and I went to have lunch with her.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party time!!!!!!!

I am really tired, what a loooong, I mean looooooooong day, but great start I want to go back to yesterday...Friday October 24Th Scott's parents came over to visit and at the same time Brooke and Blake slept over, we went to the pizza ranch with everyone, I was pleasantly surprised that the kids did really good, though it felt like I had a daycare; I already have a daycare at home so what is two more kids right? anyway so the kids went to bed good and I had to stay up to finish some stuff for Angie's party so I went to bed like at midnight...I was naive to think that the kids where going to sleep in a little, maybe 8 or so?? well when I woke up to the kids laughing very loud downstairs I was very disappointed to realize it was not just a dream, OH yeah and I missed to mention that it was 6:50 AM.... I mean who wakes up at that time on a Saturday???? well it had to be me!!!! :( not good I am not a morning person; I think I got out of bed like at 7:15 definitely not by choice, though I am glad I did because I got to get more things done.
Is it one yet?????? that was Angie's question since 10 o'clock OH and Nic's was "is it my birthday today?????? a constant repetition of the same two questions for a couple of hours........and one came and along with that 15 kids plus Nic and Angie....17 in total! I am sane yes I am not crazy I love having birthday parties, don't get me wrong I get stressed planing them, it is a lot of work but I love it, that's part of my job description that I got with my MOM tittle :).
The party was a success, Lindsey said that it was the best party she had ever been to... that is encouraging but how do I top that next year?, this year we had a Camp Rock theme, dancing to the camp rock music, door knob hanger craft, guided by Monica, great face painting done by Erika, pin the tale on the donkey and pictionary by Alex............lots of dancing and Karaoke, and of course cake and Ice cream, yum. Angie got a million presents, I am not kidding it feels like a million, to mention some of the top of my head : tinker bell stuff, Hannah Montana stuff, lots makeup and lip gloss, Webkins of course, fancy Nancy stuff, clothes, card making kit with stamps, bratz dolls, alarm clock, barbie, butterfly wings, Money, neckless, pony in my pocket, books, anyway that's as far as my memory is taking me right now. I had a very enjoyable time and it looks like the kids did too, they liked to take their candy and camp rock CD home!!!
I love doing this things for my kids, I am so thankful to God for allowing me this privilege, I hope that I can do many more!
I am so proud and thankful for my family and the great life that we have....Thank you God for all your blessings!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not a good day....

well right now I just feel like writing, I am kind of depressed, Since this morning I haven't felt so good I woke up and I had to get Angie ready for school, which I opt not to because we always get into arguments, I am not a morning person and she is very slow in the morning, I have no patience to deal with that at that time of day, but since Scott wasn't feeling good then I had to do it, which brings me to another aspect of my day... Scott's jaw problems is really affecting me, I know that he is the one experiencing the pain and stuff but I really want "Scott" back is like he is always in pain, not in a great mood, doesn't want to do anything, he doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning, I don't know I guess I am having a hard time with this. OK then I got a call from Angie's teacher today after School, she had a lot to say, Angie is the top student of her class but at the same time she needs to learn to behave a little better in school, she tends to disobey at times, Scott and I think that part of this issue is that sometimes she might get bored since in some of the stuff she is really ahead of the other all means we do not believe is a reason to not obey and we do not condone that behavior but between the two of us we feel bad.
Also Scott lost his cell phone...there goes another unexpected expense, and the loss of his phone book.
At bible study tonight, I felt very restless, I don't know why, is like I wanted to get up and run, I really like bible study but the reason why I felt that way? I don't know, Anyway to top it all Angie peed her pants... when does that ever happen to her?????? NEVER, only on one of my bad days I guess, then Nic fell and got a bloody nose and lip, (Nic's lip was swollen for a couple of days, one day he he looked at a picture of himself that he has in his room and he told me "mom that is when it was just ME" so I was very confused and I asked him "Nic what do you mean? is not just you anymore?" and her replied " no mom now is me and my lip, that is when I was NORMAL".... I felt so bad, he was really self conscious about it, he didn't go to school one of those days because he was afraid of what people where going to say.... Poor Nicky!)...........that is definitely not all so we all went upstairs I found out that the little boy that lives in that house drew a star on the kitchen wooden table with marker and Angie followed him writing stuff on the table as won't come off, by this time is almost 9 o'clock, late for a school night, I am tired, crazy day and then this????? yeah I couldn't take it I had a knot in my throat and i just had to let it out and cry, I felt so bad for the owners of the house, no matter what their son did, MY daughter ruined their table, what a horrible feeling............I wonder what was God trying to show me through this day?????

Scott's Jaw

I feel really bad for Scott, he is in constant pain... I don't know what to do, he doesn't wanto to go to the Doctor because we don't have insurance and he rather stay with the pain than pay for the doctor visit. I pray that He feels better soon, or just goes to the doctor, yesterday I called a dentist that specializes on TMJ which is what he has and they say that we can make payments through 12 months, still is going to be a lot of money because just the 1st visit to check what his problem is is $650. I know I can trust that GOD will provide for whatever we need... HE ALWAYS does, but somentimes is hard. Anyways all that I want is for my husband to feel better no matter the cost, I pray that God will help us make the right desitions.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The kids had to wear boots to school on thursday, this was red ribbon week for fight against drugs so they wore boots to "boot out drugs".

Nic with only one boot on :)
this is Angie showing her hair cut..... she got bangs done by .....ME!
ok Santi didn't have anything to do with the whole boot thing but I just couldn't help but post this picture..... he is so funny, he likes making this weird faces all the time, this is really somenthing I want to remember when he grows up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Las Maravillas de Dios.... Lo lindo del otoƱo!
Miren que lindos los colores de los arboles.......que belleza!!
Erika sentada en un monton de hojas caidas de los arboles
I love the fall colors... aren't they beautiful????? God is sooooo awesome!!!!!! anyway so I took some pictures of Erika and Santi outside of our house.

Scott's cake

El ponque de Scott hecho por Erika y yo!

Los vecinos

No habia vela le toco soplar una vela grande :)

So I decided to start writing some things in spanish..... some of my family in Colombia wishes that I would translate everything that I wrote and will write but that would take a little to much time.

Yesterday I made Scott a cake because he said that he was sad that he did't get a cake for his birthday so even so it was a little late, he got his birthday cake and our neighbors stoped over for a little bit to have some of it..... the twins saw me making it and they wanted to have some so they came over. Poor Scott we didn't have a birthday candle so he had to blow out a regular air freshener one :)............well at least it smelled good!

Where is my head?

What is going on with me? on monday I mixed angie and nic's folders and I sent them with the wrong kid, then Angie had to dress in red and I sent her to school in black..... I had to bring her a red shirt, that was kind of embarazing... then today I forgot Angie's lunch!!!! The people at angie's school office must think I am crazy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin farm

On saturday after the pictures we went to a pumpkin farm with our crossroads church friends. It was a lot of fun!!

Picking pumpkins!
This was a really cool pumpkin farm they had: Llamas, hay rides, pumpkins, apple sling shots, corn maze, pig races, giant sand box, moon walk, train was really fun.

Family pictures

First of all I want to thank GOD for my beautiful family! I feel so blessed!

On Saturday October 11th we had My sister Monica take our family pictures, I think they turned out pretty good, the weather was really nice and I love the fall colors.

My cute kids! Santiago didn't want to sit... he wanted to be up running, Nic wanted to make weird faces it was not very easy taking their picture, but over all I am happy that they behaved enough to get some pictures.

My cute Angie, Everyone says that she looks just like me...

Sometimes I still can't believe that I am a mom, Isn't that weird? It's like I read on someone's blog "I feel like I'm playing house". I love it though My children are such a big blessing.

My boys..... they are so awesome!

I can't believe that we have a teenager in the house! time goes by sooo fast I remember when Alex was Angie's age Ohh my that is so crazy!!!!!