Thursday, December 18, 2008


Kids, kids, nic got a Christmas card from a friend at school, Scott and I where heading out and the kids where staying home while we looked for the living room carpet. Right before we left, Nic showed me this card which had some little thing hanging from it, I didn't pay attention to it. Nic asked if he could open his card, I said yes, he headed downstairs with the rest of the kids and Scott and I took off.
When we got back an hour later, Alex told us that Nic was eating this candy that looked kind of like cinnamon and he said it tasted nasty, Angie proceded to try it and also concluded that it tasted nasty, Alex thought that they were playing with her and that actually the candy was pretty good so she decided to try it and it tasted nasty ideed!!!! after they all had their candy tasting they opened the card and it read "Merry Christmas....I hope you enjoy the air freshener"

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Anonymous said...

How funny!!-Keli