Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday, November 28th we went to Chicago, IL. Us and my Mom, Dad, Monica and Andres Felipe, desided to take a drive there, a couple of days before, we went to Milwaukee and Angie was all surprised about the "big city" (little town girl) so we thought of going to a bigger city. So we left home at 9:30 am; on our way there, the kids were watching tv and they were having a good time, when all of a sudden, Santi threw up! I don't know if he got motion sickness from riding in the van and watching tv or if he was sick (he didn't puke after that anymore), so thankfuly we were right by an outlet mall and so we had to go buy him clothes. At the outlet mall my parents bought Nic some Sketchers shoes, I had bought him some shoes the day before and he asked me to put an "S" on them, I asked him why and he said that he really wanted Sketchers so he wanted me to put an S on the shoes so they looked like they were; so at the outlet store there was a sketchers and my parents got him a pair....he was so happy :)
After the outlet store we went to downtown Chicago (Michigan Ave)....Ohh my! it was crazy!!!! sooo many people, so many cars! being that is was a Saturday, holiday weekend and it was 55 degrees was caos. Scott was really stressed out driving (talk about someone that lives in a little town), people drive really nutty, so we were heading towards the American Girl place, and we found a parking lot. We got the kids out of the van after convincing them that they were safe (even Santi was crying saying that he was scared) and we started sooo many people!!! every where was packed; Scott had lots of fun taking pictures though.
The American Girl Place was Awesome, so huge and cute, a little girl's dream...well...maybe their moms too :) all the girls had their dolls; there was a hair salon, a hospital, cafe, restaurant, photo studio, and tons of stuff to buy, but sooo expensive! so Angie had saved money to buy one and she got to buy her doll, it was a neat experience, even though the doll was $100.
After leaving there, we went to the Colombian restaurant (after paying $26 just for parking) we had yummy food, a little piece of my country :)
then we went to IKEA, I had wanted to go there for a long time and we needed to buy bunk beds for the boys so we went there and it was really cool...really huge place and lots of stuff...we got the bunks and got home at 10:30pm...long day, eventfull day but really fun!

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