Saturday, January 9, 2010

My concience

On Saturday morning, I heard Angir trying to wake me up early and since that is my day to sleep in, I ignored her and continued sleeping. A few minutes later I heard her wispering on my ear the following words...."Hello! this is your concience talking to you, you will do as I say....get up now and make Angie some eggs for breakfast, then you will let her play Wii and you will let her invite a friend to sleep over, I am your concience and you will do what I tell you" LOL so I pretended I never heard her or noticed that she did this; later on during the day we were all in the living room and I told Scott that I had this crazy dream about my concience talking to me and Angie started laughing, and I asked her what she was laughing about and she told me that she just thought that that was a funny dream.....the kid never told me what she did...she just laughed, lol. After all she got to play Wii and invite a friend to sleep over, she didn't get eggs though I was too lazy to get up and make them :(

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