Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK here it is

Well I guess I just had to start writing, I could say that I am a blog virgin so I am kind of scared to be writing stuff right now (OK that was kind of weird). Anyway my friend Stacy is making me do this (RAD), she has been a blogger for a while and I guess is pretty cool to go back in time, kind of like a diary (for the world to read).

I think I could probably get really hocked on writing stuff here and and I might need some blog addiction counseling.

So last night we went to our friends Dave and Stacy's house and we had soooooo much fun, we had a great dinner (which I need a recipe to make it soon), and we played a game called boulderdash I was really fun, I am still laughing when I think about it. the kids had fun playing too (Angie got to hang out with her crush Lyric).

Today Scott and I had a fun day, first of all we got to go out for lunch to the Chinese restaurant with some friends from our bible study group (with no kids) and then we went to see the movie Fireproof..... It was really good, I cried through almost the whole movie, well Scott did too... he said it was a tear jerker or something like that, whatever that means.

So I did it, My first blog is done.... I am so proud of myself...... bloging here I come!

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Anonymous said...

Whooo hoooo!! No longer a virgin!! Just for reminders...

It is illegal to use elephants to "unflod" basements in North Carolina

A boy got a leg transplant and then won $$$$

I have to remember some of the others.

I am so excited you are a "blogger" now.
I would rather be a blogger than a pollo inchado. jajajaj RAD