Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scott Sick

So today has not been a very good day today, Scott has been sick all day, He started having a jaw pain yesterday afternoon and so he sayd it was so bad that he took a vicodin anyway before bed he took another one, in the middle of the night he took another one, in the morning he took 2 so needless to say... he way kind of high! I was mad at him for taking that like it is tylenol, he says that he doesn't remember taking the one in the middle of the night. So he slept ALL day because he was so dizzy and druged up, what was really funny is that he was having a soda and then he told me that the soda was making weird noises and he thaught it was rainig outside every time he took a drink..... that medicine makes you crazy!
So I am frustrated that I didn't get my shopping done..... I feel bad that he was in pain but I think he caused some of his sickness.
I am glad he is feeling better now though.


Anonymous said...

Is he better today?

thetrekasfamily said...

So Scott tried to post a comment but he couldn't for some reason but he wanted to make sure that everyone knows that he is not a "Junkie"....... he is not addicted to vicodin! LOL

thetrekasfamily said...

yes he is feeling pretty good today, Thank God!