Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party time!!!!!!!

I am really tired, what a loooong, I mean looooooooong day, but great start I want to go back to yesterday...Friday October 24Th Scott's parents came over to visit and at the same time Brooke and Blake slept over, we went to the pizza ranch with everyone, I was pleasantly surprised that the kids did really good, though it felt like I had a daycare; I already have a daycare at home so what is two more kids right? anyway so the kids went to bed good and I had to stay up to finish some stuff for Angie's party so I went to bed like at midnight...I was naive to think that the kids where going to sleep in a little, maybe 8 or so?? well when I woke up to the kids laughing very loud downstairs I was very disappointed to realize it was not just a dream, OH yeah and I missed to mention that it was 6:50 AM.... I mean who wakes up at that time on a Saturday???? well it had to be me!!!! :( not good I am not a morning person; I think I got out of bed like at 7:15 definitely not by choice, though I am glad I did because I got to get more things done.
Is it one yet?????? that was Angie's question since 10 o'clock OH and Nic's was "is it my birthday today?????? a constant repetition of the same two questions for a couple of hours........and one came and along with that 15 kids plus Nic and Angie....17 in total! I am sane yes I am not crazy I love having birthday parties, don't get me wrong I get stressed planing them, it is a lot of work but I love it, that's part of my job description that I got with my MOM tittle :).
The party was a success, Lindsey said that it was the best party she had ever been to... that is encouraging but how do I top that next year?, this year we had a Camp Rock theme, dancing to the camp rock music, door knob hanger craft, guided by Monica, great face painting done by Erika, pin the tale on the donkey and pictionary by Alex............lots of dancing and Karaoke, and of course cake and Ice cream, yum. Angie got a million presents, I am not kidding it feels like a million, to mention some of the top of my head : tinker bell stuff, Hannah Montana stuff, lots makeup and lip gloss, Webkins of course, fancy Nancy stuff, clothes, card making kit with stamps, bratz dolls, alarm clock, barbie, butterfly wings, Money, neckless, pony in my pocket, books, anyway that's as far as my memory is taking me right now. I had a very enjoyable time and it looks like the kids did too, they liked to take their candy and camp rock CD home!!!
I love doing this things for my kids, I am so thankful to God for allowing me this privilege, I hope that I can do many more!
I am so proud and thankful for my family and the great life that we have....Thank you God for all your blessings!

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