Friday, October 10, 2008

Abuela @ School

For grandparents' day at school grandmas and grandpas where invited to read a book to the class, I told Angie that my parents had to work and they couldn't go and of course Scott's parents living in Michigan would have a hard time coming to read a book to Angie's class; well angie was very disspointed because the kids got to sit by their grandma or grandpa while they read and they got a picture taken together so she talked to her teacher for my mom to go to school and read in Spanish because according to Angie, my mom doesn't speak English. So my mom went to read to the class and she read a book in Spanish and Angie got to be the translator by reading the same book in English, for Angie this was a great experience, she loved having my mom there, it was really cute! anyway so my sister asked the teacher at what level of reading it Angie so she can buy her some books for her birthday and the teacher said that she is at a 3rd grade level.... that is soo cool, Again I say I am so glad that she loves reading, reading is so much fun!

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