Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not a good day....

well right now I just feel like writing, I am kind of depressed, Since this morning I haven't felt so good I woke up and I had to get Angie ready for school, which I opt not to because we always get into arguments, I am not a morning person and she is very slow in the morning, I have no patience to deal with that at that time of day, but since Scott wasn't feeling good then I had to do it, which brings me to another aspect of my day... Scott's jaw problems is really affecting me, I know that he is the one experiencing the pain and stuff but I really want "Scott" back is like he is always in pain, not in a great mood, doesn't want to do anything, he doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning, I don't know I guess I am having a hard time with this. OK then I got a call from Angie's teacher today after School, she had a lot to say, Angie is the top student of her class but at the same time she needs to learn to behave a little better in school, she tends to disobey at times, Scott and I think that part of this issue is that sometimes she might get bored since in some of the stuff she is really ahead of the other kids.....by all means we do not believe is a reason to not obey and we do not condone that behavior but between the two of us we feel bad.
Also Scott lost his cell phone...there goes another unexpected expense, and the loss of his phone book.
At bible study tonight, I felt very restless, I don't know why, is like I wanted to get up and run, I really like bible study but the reason why I felt that way? I don't know, Anyway to top it all Angie peed her pants... when does that ever happen to her?????? NEVER, only on one of my bad days I guess, then Nic fell and got a bloody nose and lip, (Nic's lip was swollen for a couple of days, one day he he looked at a picture of himself that he has in his room and he told me "mom that is when it was just ME" so I was very confused and I asked him "Nic what do you mean? is not just you anymore?" and her replied " no mom now is me and my lip, that is when I was NORMAL".... I felt so bad, he was really self conscious about it, he didn't go to school one of those days because he was afraid of what people where going to say.... Poor Nicky!)...........that is definitely not all so we all went upstairs I found out that the little boy that lives in that house drew a star on the kitchen wooden table with marker and Angie followed him writing stuff on the table as well...it won't come off, by this time is almost 9 o'clock, late for a school night, I am tired, crazy day and then this????? yeah I couldn't take it I had a knot in my throat and i just had to let it out and cry, I felt so bad for the owners of the house, no matter what their son did, MY daughter ruined their table, what a horrible feeling............I wonder what was God trying to show me through this day?????

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Heather said...

Oh Michelle...I'm so sorry you had such a bad day! :( Angie did not ruin my table. But I also know that no matter what I say you will still feel bad. But I'm really ok with it. I'm sorry my son was not being a good leader. I hope you are having a better week!