Monday, October 27, 2008

Angie's birthday #7

the girls in her classroom the boys in her classroom

Wow, I mean WOW It is incredible, my baby is 7 years old, was it that long since she was born???? I can't believe it, it kind of makes me sad, makes me realize how time truly flies and is just at time like this that we notice it. I want to take some time just to write some things about Angie right now, she is a really sweet girl (when she wants to be), I am so thankful to God for her. i call her Angie boo, i don't really know why but I guess it just comes out like that, anyway she is a great student, the top of her class!!! she loves to read and write, just this past week she wrote an awesome story about a pumpkin and mice...I am so proud of her. She is a lieder school, kids tend to follow her. Some times she has trouble in School with wanting to do whatever she wants with not being very nice to some kids and with being too bossy..... I pray that God will help me mold her into being a nice girl that shows that God is in her heart, I tell her that i want other people to see that, and to see the nice girl that she really is!!!! I really pray that she changes some of this behavior.
On her birthday Angie chose dinner for us and she picked meat loaf, she said that that is her
favorite food.
we also carved pumpkins and it was the first snow fall of the year!
On this day, angie brought cupcakes to share with her class and nic, santi and I went to have lunch with her.

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