Monday, October 6, 2008

Poor Santi

Today while I was giving Nic a shower, Santiago was walking around the bathroom, trying to climb into the bathtub, I tried to say no numerous times but really how many 16 month olds listen to the word no, so in one of those times that he was by the bathtub he fell and hit his mouth against it, as soon as I heard the thud I new right away that he was really hurt, I picked him up and instantly his mouth was full of blood, I acted very calm (surprisingly for me) and I went to the sink to rinse his mouth while Nic was freezing his tushy off, so I had Santi screaming with pain and Nic crying for a towel, so I reached for Nic's towel while rinsing a mouth full of blood (talk about multitasking), finally after I saw that the blood wasn't stopping I grabbed a towel to put some pressure on his lip and he of course hated that, I felt that I was torturing my son after he just got hurt, anyway he has a big swollen lip with a cut on the outside and a cut on the inside that shows how all his bottom teeth got jammed in his lip.
On a different note, this afternoon I took the kids to the Dentist, they really love going there its a really cool place and Dr. Marchi is really nice, the only thing that really bothers me is how much we have to pay $365.00 for a dentist visit is a lot of money, I guess I keep thinking that if I don't take them it could get a lot more expesive so I am just trying to prevent rather than cure.


Heather said...

I didn't even notice Santi's lip tonight. Sorry, is he better? I love your blog!! I think you are going to be a great blogger. I can't wait to read more!

thetrekasfamily said...

He is, I guess I was more hurt than what he was... you know being a mom! thanks.
I think I could never be as good as you though :) I read some of your blogs and I think you are a really good writer.

Stacy said...

Poor Santi, I am glad he is better. My kids go to Just Kids Dental too! I like it there.